Darn The Man That I Can Get (MacEdward Leach)

With so very many men around,
I know it's hard for you
To understand that any girl
could be lonely, sad and blue;
For the boys don't seem to notice me,
for my life I can't see why,
Darn the man that I can get
no matter how I try.

The soldier in his uniform
I simply do adore,
The sailors with the big blue legs
I believe I like them more;
The big ones and the small ones,
the short ones and the tall,
And those with the khaki shorts on,
I likes to kiss them all.

I likes the men of the Air Force,
they give me such a thrill,
Whenever one of them pass me by,
I simply can't keep still.

The men of the Merchant Navy,
the big ones and the small,
Just walk right up and pass me by,
as if I wasn't there at all;
No, I'm not very hard to please
or I am not a flirt,
The man that has me for his wife,
he'll get his money's worth.

I do not paint, nor powder,
nor smoke the cigarettes,
A girl like me, you must agree,
is very hard to get;
You would not think a girl like me
for a man would have to beg,
For I don't wear ankle stockings
or show my naked leg.

I wears my dress below my knees
like my mother used to do,
And the strongest thing I've ever drank
is a drop of homemade brew;
I don't like sport of any sort,
I like to be alone,
With a young man saying nice things to me
and calling me his own.

I don't care whether he's short or thin,
(short or thin),
Or whether he's big or small,
(big or small);
'Tis not his size that matters,
It's the man I want, that's all.

Now, is there not some soldier
or lonely volunteer,
From the USA or Canada,
Bay Bulls or Carbonear,
England or Bonavista,
St John's or Twillingate,
To have pity on a lonely girl
before it is too late.

Whether he drives a tractor,
an airplane, or a sub,
The very first man that comes along,
I'll take him for my hub;
For after all, a man's a man
wherever he may be,
I know that I would please him
and I know he will please me.

Now, I am not so very short
or I'm not so very tall,
I'm only six feet four inches,
counting my shoes and all;
I'm not too lean or I'm not too fat,
I'm just the proper size,
For a soldier, sailor, airman,
or any of the boys.

I have a few cents in the bank
a home down by the beach,
And the very first night I am married,
hub will have a bottle of screech;
He'll get his arms around my neck
like my husband used to do,
For I have buried four more of them,
and I'm only sixty-two.

####.... Author unknown. Traditional Newfoundland ballad from an undated broadside, ©1944, John Jones [1904-1964] St John's, NL ....####

Sung by Michael (Mike) A Kent [1904-1997] of Cape Broyle, NL, and published in MacEdward Leach And The Songs Of Atlantic Canada © 2004 Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA).


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