Old Fellers Like Me (Tim Brown)

There's an old car wreck rustin'
where my place used to be,
My stage it has crumbled and washed out to sea;
My old skiff is left high and dry on the shore,
There's no place for old fellers like me anymore.

My youngsters have all
took their arse in their hands,
They're chasing the rainbow up on the mainland;
Most of my shipmates have withered and died,
And, like them, no more do I sail with the tide.

There's a big cabin cruiser
where the schooners once moored,
She's got ne'er bit of canvas or a killick on board;
And the steamer don't come like she used to before,
There's no use for steamers or me anymore.

I can't find a herring or a salt fish to soak,
Everything's plastic, not one piece of oak;
Not one mesh of linnet or a needle of twine,
Like all us old fellers, 'twas all left behind.

Oh, you can't cut a lunger without a permit,
There's no scull and oars, not a tole pin nor whip;
Neither punt in the harbour, codtrap or trawl,
Old fellers and trap skiffs don't matter at all.

Sometimes I get lonesome for the ocean again,
To hoist up the canvas and sail with the wind;
But it's only a fancy, a past memory,
And there's nothing but fancy for old fellers like me.

The graveyard is full of people I knew,
Some fine Irish sailors, some hangashores, too;
Gone down to the earth or maybe to sea,
'Cause the Lord has a use for old fellers like me.

It's hard to accept when you're just an old man,
And you feel like a stranger in your native land;
And your body is feeble but you still have your mind,
And you're just an old feller who's outlived his time.
And you're just an old feller who's outlived his time.

####.... Tim Brown (Old Fellers Like Me, Volume One, trk#1, ©1993, Independent, recorded at Music Town Productions, Gambo, NL) ....####
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From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Hangashore - man regarded as too lazy to fish; a worthless fellow, sluggard; rascal; also: migratory fisherman from Newfoundland who conducts a summer fishery from a fixed station on the coast of Labrador.
Killick - anchor made up of an elongated stone encased in pliable sticks bound at the top and fixed in two curved cross-pieces, used in mooring nets and small boats.
Linnet - twine for knitting fish nets.
Lunger - long tapering pole, usually a conifer with bark left on, used in constructing roofs, floors, surfaces of stages and flakes, etc.
Mesh - net.
Needle - implement designed to hold a quantity of 'twine' and used to knot meshes in a fish-net.
Scull - large number of fish (especially cod) or seals swimming in company while feeding or migrating.
Stage - elevated platform on the shore with working tables, sheds, etc., where fish are landed and processed for salting and drying, and fishing gear and supplies are stored.
Tole Pin - wooden peg holding an oar in the rowlock.
Trawl - buoyed line, of great length, to which short lines with baited hooks are attached at intervals.
Whip - hoisting contrivance.


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