Heaven's Newfoundland (Tim Brown)

Dear Lord, my day is past,
I'm growing old too fast,
The time has come,
I dream of days long gone;
I miss my children so,
they had no choice but t'go
From this island that I hold
close to my heart.

I keep holding to my dreams,
as hopeless as they seem,
Someday, I pray,
that they'll come back to me;
To help me make it through,
'cause my days are precious few
Before I leave this island that I love.

As I sit here all alone
with everything I own,
I reminisce and wonder
what went wrong;
Was the price too high to pay?
Did I have a choice of stayin'
On this island that I hold
close to my heart?

Ocean breezes take my mind
to another place and time,
To the sound of children's laughter
in the fields;
Too soon the laughter dies,
and all our girls and b'ys
Will have to leave this island
that we love.

Was this God's master plan
when he created Newfoundland,
To have us fall in love
then have to leave?
Must the young folks move away
while the old folks have to stay
To hold onto the island that we love?

Sometimes my mind will stray,
I dream of that Judgement Day,
When God has come to take us home to him;
Heaven's gates will open wide,
and with my loved ones by my side
We'll realise that heaven's Newfoundland.
We'll realise that heaven's Newfoundland.

####.... Tim Brown (Old Fellers Like Me, Volume One, trk#10, ©1993, Independent, recorded at Music Town Productions, Gambo, NL) ....####

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