The Jissom (Jimmy Rice)

I heard you got the jissom, Jim,
You brought here last fall;
You sold it to Aunt Kitty and
She drank the can and all.

When Kitty drank the jissom,
To sis's she did go;
And then straight up across the bridge
To break the news to Joe.

Jackie went to Leo, saying,
"I've got news, it's true;
Jimmy got the jissom and
He's got a can for you."

Leo drank a cupful and
Then he began to yawn;
He went to bed at seven,
And he never got up till dawn.

Next day he drank another cup,
And on the couch did fall;
When Josephine called next morning,
He was dreaming of his trawl.

Now Kitty still drinks jissom,
And she drinks it with a will;
They say that Philly Colbert,
He can suck it through a straw.

The jissom it is good stuff,
It will keep your stomach up;
"The directions on the can," says Jim,
"It'll make about forty cups."

####.... Jimmy Rice from Red Head Cove, NL ....####
Performed by Jack Kehoe, who learned the song from Leo Hatch, a singer and fiddler from Red Head Cove.

Note: Jissom is a non-alcoholic, caffeine free, hot drink.

From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Trawl - buoyed line, of great length, to which short lines with baited hooks are attached at intervals.


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