The Cross On Spancil Hill (Ryan's Fancy)
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Last night as I lay dreaming
of pleasant days gone by,
Me mind being bent on rambling,
to Ireland I did fly;
I stepped on board of a vision
and I followed with a will,
And at last I came to anchor
at the cross of Spancil Hill.

To amuse my passing fancy
I lay down on the ground,
While all my school companions
in crowds they gathered 'round;
Some have grown to manhood
and others the graves did fill,
Oh, I thought I was a boy once more
back home in Spancil Hill.

It being on the sabbath morning,
I thought I heard a bell,
And over hills and valleys
each note did seem to tell,
That Father Dan was coming,
his duty to fulfill,
At the parish church of Cluny,
one mile from Spancil Hill.

And as the sermon ended,
we all knelt down in prayer,
Hoping that when ready
we'd climb the golden stairs;
And when back home returning,
sure we danced with right goodwill,
To Martin Boylen`s music
at the cross of Spancil Hill.

I paid a flying visit
to my first and only love,
She's as fair as any swallow,
as gentle as a dove;
She threw her arms around me saying,
"Johnny, I love you still."
Oh, she's Mac the ranger's daughter
and the pride of Spancil Hill.

I dreamt I bent and kissed her
as oft in days of yore,
She said, "Johnny, you're only joking,
as many's the times before."
The cock crew on the old hen roost,
he crew quite proud and shrill,
I awoke in Californ-i-ya,
many miles from Spancil Hill.

And when the vision faded,
the tears came to my eyes,
But I hope to see that little spot
once more before I die;
May the King of joyous angels
His blessings ever fill,
On that masterpiece of nature,
the cross of Spancil Hill.

####.... Michael Considine [1850-1873] ....####
This variant arranged and recorded by Ryan's Fancy (Irish Love Songs, trk#11, 1982, Boot Records, Mississauga, ON).

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A variant was recorded as Spancil Hill by Robbie Martin of Southeast Placentia, NL.


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