The Vale Of Margaree (J Francis Mac Donald) video
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Oh, soon I'll return to the isle of my birthplace,
Her beauteous nature is calling to me;
There my light footsteps in young boyhood wander,
As daily I stroll through the Vale of Margaree.

I think of the fields
and the dew glistening mornings,
How sweet is the memory that comes back to me;
Midst the fragrance of wildflowers,
the hillside, the dawning,
As I roam through the braes of old Kiltarlity.

Down through the glen
and the deep rustling woodlands,
The soft flowing river gently murmers to me;
Down through the meadow
and the sweet scented hayland,
That graces the beauty in the Vale of Margaree.

At twilight I pause and I quietly ponder,
As the sun throws a kiss to the landscape below,
Bidding farewell to another day's dawning,
Again when the Master His beauty unfolds.

####.... J Francis Mac Donald © Cape West Music, 2008 ....####
The video above features an excellent performance by Francis A Mac Donald, the son of the author.

Liner note: This song was recorded for the Ryan's Fancy CBC Television series, the Ryan's Fancy Show, which traveled to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, in the Vale of Margaree on March 27, 1977, for a sampling of bagpipes, fiddles, Gaelic songs and Highland dancing with special guest Francis Mac Donald, a Scottish piper who was a member of the Black Watch Regiment. The crew visited Francis and his family there.

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From the Princeton University Wordnet:
Vale - long depression in the surface of the land that usually contains a river; valley.
Braes - hillsides or slopes.


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