I Followed Her Into The West (Ryan's Fancy) video
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I followed her into the west,
Where I had never been before;
And never did she see me as,
I stood there helpless by her door.

Each day my resolution rose,
And every day an oath I swore;
Tonight I'll stand and be a man,
Tonight I'll knock upon her door.

All washed and cleaned and newly pressed,
I set about my quest once more;
But each day ended like the rest,
I could not knock upon her door.

I paced my room and I cursed myself,
And vowed that I would go no more;
And as the sun was sinking low,
I heard a knock upon my door.

And there she stood with food for me,
And there she stood, my heart's delight;
She said, "I thought you must be ill,
I missed you at my door tonight.

"Now you must eat and you must sleep,
Your resolution to restore;
And when these dishes you return,
Be sure to knock upon my door."

####.... Variant of a song by Tom Paxton [b.1937, Chicago, IL] ....####
This variant arranged and recorded by Ryan's Fancy (Currahs, Minstrels, Rocks & Whiskey, trk#4, 1971, Gunn Records); and (Brand New Songs ©1977, RCA Records); and (Sea People ©1979, Boot Records).

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