Iceberg Towering Over Me (The Sharecroppers) video
#2284: YouTube video by sharecroppermike ©2013
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The iceberg she stood there
right on the sea,
She moved ever so gently
as she towered over me;
But I knew I had gone
too close to her side,
For when she tumbled over
I thought I would die!

Like a cube in a glass
of some Newfoundland rum,
She just spun around
for no reason but one:
And that reason is
icebergs have a mind of their own,
When they leave their Arctic mother
and drift all alone.

So she turned over and cracked -
just missing my dory,
And her blue-greens 'n' whites
shone out in their glory;
And she hissed at me something
that sounded like this:
"I'll spare you this once
but next time I won't miss!"

Then her frothy old wave
hit me broadside and lifted me up,
Any other kind of boat would have
rolled over sure like a seal pup;
But my dory stayed floating
on the crest of a wave,
And saved me for sure
from a watery grave...
From a watery grave.

So, never go close to
this queen of a berg,
Sure, 'tis wise to remember
the words that I heard:
"I'll spare you your life...
Next time I won't miss."

So, appreciate her colours
but take heed of her list.

Admire all her colours
but beware of her hiss.

So, give praise to her beauty
but turn away from her kiss!

####.... Mike Madigan (The Sharecroppers ©2001. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved) ....####
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Note: A true account of Mike's near-death experience with an iceberg.


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