Jemima's Goat (MacEdward Leach)

If ye listen a moment I'll sing for a while,
It's only a ditty, relate to the style;
And as for my singing, I can't sing very fast,
'Tis all 'bout Jemima who lives in Port aux Basques.

She's not very young and she's not very old,
But then I can tell you she's terrible bold;
For it's up to Lake Silk where she do like to roam,
Where she gets plenty of cabbage and never goes home.

It happened last summer one very dark night,
She called to Jim Bruiser's before it was light;
Jumped into his garden, all to his surprise,
And I'll tell you old Bruiser he opened his eyes.

Jim Bruiser got up and downstairs he did creep,
He was off in his shirttail and his eyes filled with sleep;
When he looked through the window it must'a made him savage,
'Cause Jemima was coming right back on his cabbage.

He says, "Now I have got you, your troubles begin,
For to Mr Britten the bill I will send;
For eating my cabbage and spoiling my hay,
So now, Mr Britten, the bill you must pay.

"The cost is ten dollars, for you know it's not right,
You should have had Jemima barred up every night;
Out roaming around in the dark and the rain,
But I pity Jemima if she comes back again."

Mr Britten sat down and a letter he wrote,
Saying, "You knows Jemima had on a new yoke;
And as for ten dollars I'm not gonna pay,
For eating your cabbage and spoiling your hay."

He then took Jemima and he tied her on tight,
She was there from that morning till some time that night;
When along come a policeman with his long-tail coat,
He said, "Look here, Jimmy Bruiser, you must untie that goat."

Jimmy Bruiser, quite willing, he set the goat free,
And around James' corner she did skip with glee;
He said you better run or I'll have you in jail,
But Jemima only runned off and stuck off her tail.

Jemima went home and this she did say,
"Be good, Mr Britten, and hide me away,
'Cause old Jimmy Bruiser is now on my trail,
And he promised to put me in Forester's Jail."

####.... Author unknown. Traditional Newfoundland song ....####

Sung by Mrs Peter Mushrow [1912-2002] of Cape Ray, NL, and published in MacEdward Leach And The Songs Of Atlantic Canada © 2004 Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA).

MacEdward Leach noted that the name Bruiser is often spelled Bruisse.


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