A Part Of You And Me (The Cormiers)

Look at me, looking back at you,
without a word to say,
Time has been good to you,
you haven't aged a day;
And I've been so lonely here,
without you by my side,
It's so hard to forget the years,
no matter how I try.

And I've been thinking about you,
can't get my mind off you,
And the way we use to be;
I need a hand to hold,
someone with me to grow old,
And you could be a part of you and me.

Look at me, I've looked everywhere
to find a girl like you,
But there's no one else on earth
makes me feel the way you do;
And I know I spent a lot of time
trying to get you off my mind,
Now I see what's in front of me,
girl, I swear that I was blind.

####.... Gordon Cormier ....####

Recorded by the Cormiers (Shamrock, Thistle And Rose, trk#5, 2002, produced by Rick Hollett & The Cormiers, recorded and mixed at Record Time Productions, St John's, NL).

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