Jimmy Whalen (MacEdward Leach)

See also: Jimmy Whelan (Kenneth Peacock)

Lonely I strolled by the banks of a river,
Watching the sunbeams as evening drew nigh;
As onward I rambled I spied a fair damsel,
She's weeping and wailing with many a cry.

She is weeping for one who is now lying lonely,
Weeping for one that no mortal can save;
The dark mourning waters around her encircles,
Where the grass now grows green
over young Jimmy's grave.

"Jimmy!" she cried, "Won't you come to me, darling?
Come to me here from your cold silent tomb;
You promised to meet me this evening, my darling,
Ere the cruel angel had stole your sad doom.

You promised we'd meet by the banks of the river,
You'd give me sweet kisses like often before;
You'd fold me again in your strong loving arms,
Now come to me, Jimmy dear, come as of yore.

Lowly arose from the banks of the river,
A vision of beauty more bright than the sun;
With his bright robes of crimson around him a-flowing,
And unto this maiden to speak he begun.

"Now, why did you call me from my realms of glory,
Back to this earth that I soon got to leave;
To hold you once more in my strong loving arms,
To see you once more, love, I came from my grave.

"One more embrace, love, and then I must leave you,
One more fond kiss, love, and then we must part."
Cold were the arms that did her encirlcle,
And cold was the bosom she pressed to her heart.

"Adieu," then he said and he vanished before her,
Back to his earth home his form seemed to go;
And leaving this maiden poor alone and distracted,
A weeping and wailing in sorrow and woe.

Throwing herself on the ground she wept sorely,
With wild words of sorrow this maiden did rail;
Saying, "Jimmy, my darling, my lost Jimmy Whalen,
I've sighed till I died by the side of your grave!"

####.... Variant of a traditional American ballad, Lost Jimmy Whalen [Laws C8] Native American Balladry (G Malcolm Laws, 1964) ....####

Sung by Mrs Mary Dunphy [1907-1984] of Tors Cove, NL, and published in MacEdward Leach And The Songs Of Atlantic Canada © 2004 Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA).

Four variants were also collected by Kenneth Peacock and published as Jimmy Whelan in Songs Of The Newfoundland Outports, Vol 3, pp.385-389, by the National Museum of Canada (1965) Crown Copyrights Reserved.

A variant was also recorded by Kenneth Peacock on his 1956 album Songs And Ballads Of Newfoundland (Folkways FG 3505, LP, trk#B.06).

A variant was also recorded by Tommy Nemec singing acapella the songs he heard sung by his grandfather, John P Myrick, and Thomas C Finlay at house parties in St Shotts and on Cape Pine, NL (Songs From The Cape, trk#1, 2003, Backcove Music, St John's, NL, recorded at the Cape Pine Lightstation).


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