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When I was a young lad
I thought he was 15 feet tall,
He could carry on his back
logs that a tractor should haul;
His voice was like thunder and
he never had to speak to us twice,
Listen to your father,
was always real good advice.

Now, he never did say much 'cause
he knew how to speak with his eyes,
Sometimes his grin was really
a laugh in disguise;
While the kids were gettin' badder
the youngest who was starting to crawl,
Gazed t'ward the ceiling
at a man who was 15 feet tall.

He's not a man who could sleep in,
so he woke at the breaking of dawn,
As he fired up the wood stove,
breakfast, and then he was gone;
Young and rambunctious
we didn't realize it at all,
Come Sunday morning we would
drive him straight up the wall.

He was tested to the limit
at the end of each hard working day,
By a house full of boys while
the girls brought sunshine his way;
But it seems that we were learning
from the things that we heard and we saw,
From a man who was a mountain
and stood about 15 feet tall.

Now the years went by quickly,
in no time the kids they're all grown,
Some of us moved far away,
raisin' kids of our own;
When I became a man, I realized
that he's not big at all,
We stand shoulder to shoulder,
but to me he's 15 feet tall.
We're shoulder to shoulder,
but he's still 15 feet tall.

####.... A Frank Willis. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####
Recorded by A Frank Willis (Great Big Moose In The Middle Of The Road, trk#2, 2004, Newfoundland Records, Toronto, Ontario).

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