The Boys Of Newfoundland (MacEdward Leach)

I was sitting by my fireside,
I was sitting all alone,
I was thinking on my countrymen
and where they had to roam;
From England to America,
from China to Japan,
Wherever you'll go you'll surely find
the boys from Newfoundland.

They're the pride of every nation,
kind fortune on them shines,
They climbed the heights of Alma
and they crossed the River Nile;
They sailed out to Vancouver,
you will find it on the roll,
With Perry's expedition
they went nearest to the pole.

And away out in South Africa
where the fir trees do grow high,
They shouldered guns and bayonets
those fierce Boers made to fly;
With guns as loud as thunder
they stretched out o'er the plain,
Those gallant sons from Terra Nova
fought for England's claim.

They sailed out to Cape Breton's shores
where iron steel is rolled,
And far beneath the Canadian soil
they're digging for the gold;
With Nelson at Trafalgar
they would make the Frenchman yield,
They're sleeping in their watery graves
the boys from Newfoundland.

They trod the northern ice floes
where the polar bears do roam,
Where the walrus, hood, and white coat
make their little home;
They fished the western Grand Banks
on every shoal and bank,
Those hearty toilers of the deep
fished on the Flemish Cap.

No country can feel prouder,
no country of its own,
They been through all of Providence,
been in the tower at Rome;
They were even in Jerusalem,
I heard the clergy tell,
They crossed the river Euphrates,
they were down to Jacob's well.

Oh, now my song is nearly ended,
I've one sad tale to tell,
Down in the mines at Cobalt
one of my comrades fell;
His age it was just twenty-one,
he was scarcely in his bloom,
On the eighteenth day of January
he was summoned to his doom.

Now that my song is ended,
and I think I have done well,
My nation and my birthplace
I'm going for to tell;
I pitched on every nation
I thought kindly of its race,
I am a Newfoundlander,
I belong to Harbour Grace.

####.... Author unknown. Traditional Newfoundland ballad ....####

Sung in 1950 by Martin Reddigan [1903-1980] of Calvert, NL, and published in MacEdward Leach And The Songs Of Atlantic Canada © 2004 Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA).


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