The Hat My Father Wore (MacEdward Leach)

I'm Paddy Mills the Irish chap,
I'm just across the sea,
For singing or for dancing, boys,
I think I can please ye;
I can sing or dance with any man
as I did in days of yore,
But on St Patrick's Day I love to wear
the hat my father wore.

Oh, it's old but it's beautiful,
the best you've ever seen,
It has been worn for more than 90 years
in that little isle serene;
From my father's great ancestors
it descended with a lore,
It's the relic of old decency,
it's the hat my father wore.

I bid you all good evening,
good luck to you I say,
And when I cross the ocean,
I hope for me you'll pray;
For I'm going to my happy home
in a place called Ballamoor,
To be welcomed back to Paddy's land
with the hat my father wore.

And when I do return again
the boys and girls to see,
I hopes with dear old Erin-style
you'll kindly welcome me;
The sweet old songs of Paddy's land
will cheer me more and more,
And make my Irish heart feel glad
with the hat my father wore.

####.... Johnny Patterson [1840-1889], Irish singer, songwriter and circus entertainer ....####
Sung by Angus MacDonald [1866-1951] of Upper South River, Antigonish County, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and published in MacEdward Leach And The Songs Of Atlantic Canada © 2004 Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA).


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