My Name Is (A Frank Willis) (Bob Porter) video
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Well, my name is A Frank Willis,
and I do a one-man show,
I played for full and empty seats,
always on the go;
Sometimes got more than I was worth,
sometimes I not got paid,
Did a show for Joey Smallwood,
met Tobin in Twillingate.

I played for teens and I played for queens,
played for weddings, too,
In concert halls and country stalls,
more than just a few;
I wrote about my travels
and I put 'em down in song,
I raised a lot o' hoot and hell,
but I ain't done no wrong.

My mama she stills tells me,
that I don't act my age,
Feel at home down in the crowd
or up here on the stage;
I've traveled all across this country,
seen the highs and blues,
I'm a one man band from Newfoundland
and I don't wear no shoes.

But I walked the straight and narrow,
and I don't mess with sin,
Climbed the hill of country charts,
been in the discount bins;
I headlined at some sold-out shows,
flirted once with fame,
It may not be the way it was,
but I'm still in the game.

I play nearly every night,
somewhere in this land,
I'll grace the stages of this country
long as I got fans;
Smiling faces in the crowd,
sure is nice to see,
Here tonight in Hearts Delight
is where I chose to be.

Well, my name is A Frank Willis
and I do a one man show.

####.... Bob Porter ©2004. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####
Bob Porter performed his song on YouTube with Stan Smith with a few changes he made since A Frank Willis passed away.

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The above variant and video was recorded by A Frank Willis (Great Big Moose In The Middle Of The Road, trk#1, 2004, Newfoundland Records, Toronto, ON).

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