Newfie Soldier (Brian Finn) video

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As the sun was setting in the west
and filled with lingering rays,
Beneath the shadow of a branch
a dying soldier lays;
Beneath the shades of April
in a sunny southern sky,
Away from his old Newfie home
they laid him down to die.

The troops had gathered 'round him,
his comrades in the fight,
The tears rolled down his manly cheeks
as he bid his friends goodnight;
One of his loving comrades
that knelt there by his side,
Tried to stop his life blood flowing,
but all in vain he tried.

So now, my loving comrades,
there's something I will say,
A story I will tell you
ere my spirit passes 'way;
Away in my old Newfie home
beneath the pine tree's shade,
There's one who waits, my colleen,
with a gentle heart she stays.

She's a dear young girl, my sister,
my darling and my pride,
She was to me as a mother,
there was no one else beside;
She was to me as a mother,
and I had a father's care,
I tried in grief and anguish
her gentle heart to cheer.

When our country was in danger
and called for volunteers,
She threw her arms around my neck
and then burst into tears;
Sayin', "Go, my loving brother,
drive those traitors from our shore,
My heart it needs your presence
but your country needs you more."

All his comrades spoke in answer
but one voice seemed to fall,
"We'll be to her as brothers,
we'll protect her one and all."
With a knapsack for a pillow
and his medals on his breast,
Away from his old Newfie home
they laid him down to rest.
Away from his old Newfie home
they laid him down to rest.

####.... Pat Casey [1934-2005] of Torbay, NL. Variant of a native American ballad, The Dying Ranger [Laws A14] Native American Balladry (G Malcolm Laws, 1950/1964) ....####

Recorded by Brian Finn of The Goulds, NL (When The Robins Come Home, 1988, trk#6, SWC Productions, English Harbour West, NL. Engineered by Sim Savory at Sim's Studio and distributed by Wesco Recording, Petty Harbour, NL).

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