Song Of The Gypsy (Jim Fidler)

There once was a roving gypsy,
And he came from o'er the plain;
He played the finest fiddle,
So The Fiddler was his name.
Well, they said that he came from a foreign land,
And his people were so low;
Ah, but when they would hear his music,
They would follow him wherever he'd go.

He played in the court of the king and queen,
And more at the county fairs;
He won the heart of the princess,
And all of the maidens fair.
Until one cold night he was bore a son,
With the eyes of his new found land;
He was born underneath a starry sky,
In the gypsy caravan.

Now as the generations passed,
From father unto son;
The music of the gypsy,
Was heard to carry on.
Till the turn of the twentieth century,
When they came to Americay;
Now the song of the first old gypsy,
Can be heard to this very day.

####.... Jim Fidler ....####

Recorded by Jim Fidler (Gypsy, trk#4, 1995, Jim Fidler/Roots Cellar Productions, St John's, NL, distributed by Duckworth Distribution, St John's, NL).

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