Ballad Of The Sealers (James Murphy)

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Come all you jolly northern men,
and hear me while I sing
Of skippers and of ships,
all going to the ice this spring;
There's Bowring's fleet,
that can't be beat by any on our shore,
In their Stephano A Kean will go,
our handy commodore.
Their Florizel, I beg to tell,
will take his son Joe,
With Kenneth Knee, the Ranger she,
will range the icy floe.

There's Bishop in the Eagle,
and he's strong and all and stout,
And he's as jolly a fellow
as there is today goin' out;
'Tis the father's job, of Bartlett Bob,
to sail the old Viking,
The little Kite, both strong and tight,
Fred Yetman sails this spring.
So there's the six of Bowring's ships,
which soon will sally forth,
To hunt the prize upon the ice,
the whitecoats of the north.

As those are all of Bowring's ships,
Job Brothers next I'll name,
Here every man now in command
all bear an honoured name;
George Barbour, in the Nascope
always produced the goods,
For when he didn't strike the harps,
we knew he struck the hoods;
And then there is bold Winsor Bill,
who hails from Wesleyville.
He's in the stout Beothic,
and he her last year did fill.

Bob Bartlett, in the Neptune,
goes to try his luck once more,
'Twas he who guided Peary
when the Pole he did explore;
The old Diana which we knew
as Hector long ago,
Now Baxter Barbour in her goes,
a solid man you know.
Then there's the stout skip Erik,
sure she'll try her luck again
With a man who's nice on land or ice,
'tis Captain Joby Kean.

Now Harvey's sail, I will go bail,
are solid ships as well,
Four of the line, all swift and fine,
their skippers' names I'll tell:
The first I'll name is Jacob Kean,
who goes in Harvey's Ad
Wes Kean will command the Newfoundland
and Abram is his dad,
There's Joby Knee, a fine man he,
as ever sailed from "Pon",
I beg to tell he'll make the Belle.
John Parsons takes the Bon.

There's Baine Johnston's Southern Cross
commanded by George Clarke,
Jesse Winsor takes the Bloodhound
who on last year made his mark,
And there's the new Sagona,
Crosbie put her on the job,
With a brother, I guess, to Captain Jess,
the jovial Sammy Bob,
The Lloysden, though she's damaged,
sure she yet may strike good luck
In command of Alpheus Barbour
and supplied by Tasker Cook.

The names of captains and of ships
now to you I did tell,
And I pray that every one of them
this spring may pan out well;
And may kind heaven waft them
with a sweet and pleasant gale,
Unto success, may fortune bless,
our noble nineteen sail,
To mothers and wives, God save the lives,
of those who sail these ships,
And send them home, across the foam,
to us with bumper trips.

####.... James (Jimmy) Murphy [1867-1931] of St John's, NL, originally published as a poem in the St John's Evening Herald, March 11, 1913 ....####

A variant was arranged and recorded as Captains And Ships by Crowd Of Bold Sharemen (A Crowd Of Bold Sharemen, trk#7, 2002, Singsong, Inc, St John's , NL).


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