On The Bonny Hills Of Scotland (Leach)

See also: Bonnie Hills Of Scotland (Leach)

On the bonny hills of Scotland
where the bluebells they do grow,
There lived a farmer's daughter
down by the lowlands low;
She watched her flocks the whole day long
down by the banks of Clyde,
And though her cot was poor and low,
she was called the village pride.

A hunter down from Palacetown
a-hunting came this way,
He hunted through the lowlands
where Mary's cottage lay;
And many a glance he cast upon
down by the farm so fair,
And wondered how so sweet a flower
could bloom and flourish there.

Young Harry came to Mary's house
his heart was filled with woe,
Saying, "Mary, my love, Mary,
far from you I must go;
My regiment has been called upon
and I received command,
To go and leave the lowland glen
for India's burning sand.

"Oh Mary, dearest Mary,
this grieves me to the heart,
I wish you were my wedded wife
this night before we part,
So you could come along with me
and be my heart's desire,
To go and be my wedded wife
dressed up in man's attire."

When we arrived in Palacetown
the people wondered there,
To see so sweet a creature
so beautiful and fair;
The people all admired her
as she stood on the parade,
And wondered how a soldier's coat
could win so fair a maid.

Now it's far across the ocean
young Harry he must go,
He little knew the danger
that he must undergo;
Young Harry he fought manfully
while Mary did her best,
And as she stopped to dress his wounds,
a bullet pierced her breast

"I fear you're deadly wounded love,"
young Harry he did say,
I see your life blood flowing,
your lips are like the clay;
The first time ever I saw you
it was you that I adored,
Though they lift their eyes no more to rise
on India's burning shore."

####.... Linley ....####

Collected from Theresa White [ca.1934-?] of Port au Port, NL, and published in MacEdward Leach And The Songs Of Atlantic Canada © 2004 Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA). Leach also collected another variant as Bonnie Hills Of Scotland from John Kehoe [1864-1952] of Flatrock, NL.


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