The Fisherman At Glen Cove (MacEdward Leach)

Being on the eighth of October last,
From Renews we set sail,
We're bound off on Cape Allerd Banks,
With a sweet and a pleasant gale;
We are bound off on Cape Allerd Banks,
With fresh supplies and bait,
Intended for a trip of fish,
Our voyage was to complete.

We sounded and got soundage
In three ports all alike,
We hove our anchor from the bow,
To fish we were inclined;
We hove our anchor from the bow,
To fish we then began,
Oh, to see the noble countenance,
On the features of each man.

We fished from five till half-past-nine,
Till the seas like mountains foamed,
The elements looked angry,
Which threatened us for home;
Our skipper he gave orders,
Each man to reel in sail,
"Be quick, my boys, make no delays,
We'll have a violent gale."

Each man he then reeled up their line,
The deck to clear away,
"We have to cut and run, my boys,
So let's be brisk and gay."
We hove our anchor short of peak,
Bags were lost at sea,
Till this sad news reached our ears,
We could not keep her free.

"Since she has proved leaky,
Glen Cove it bears northwest,
Correctly I have sighted it,
Last evening, at sunset."
We jogged along with flowing seas,
Till the seas broke mountains high,
"Watch out ahead," our skipper cried,
"Some breaker we are nigh."

Tom Dorsey being our foreshipman,
He took the boat in charge,
He said, "My boys, I'll pilot ye,
As far in as the bar."
And when she struck, she proved a wreck,
Unto our sad surprise,
And all I have to say or do,
it's Glen Cove saved our lives.

####.... Author unknown. Traditional Newfoundland ballad ....####

Sung in 1950 by Patrick Joseph Murphy [1886-1986] of Calvert, NL, and published in MacEdward Leach And The Songs Of Atlantic Canada © 2004 Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA).


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