Towering Heights Of Newfoundland (Leach)

Down memory's lane again I'm strolling,
To view the place of my youth and birth,
And to live again in my carefree boyhood,
Back to the freest land on earth.

With her hills surrounding, her valleys bounding,
Mountain streams, and her lakes so grand,
With her coastline splendour that do surrender,
And the towering heights of old Newfoundland.

Down the mountainside where first I met you,
You looked so neat in your cotton bands,
In a thousand years I will not forget you,
And the towering heights of old Newfoundland.

Down the mountain path where we trapped together,
And ofttimes straying from the babbling stream,
We vowed our love would live forever,
And bloom like roses in the early spring,
But roses fade when their bloom is weathered,
On the towering heights of old Newfoundland.

I would love to view from your Cabot Tower,
Quidi Vidi from the old bandstand,
And to Bannerman Park for a pleasant hour,
God bless the heights of old Newfoundland.

####.... Jack Dodge per MacEdward Leach ....####

Collected in 1950 from 12-year-old Catherine Powers [b.1938] of Pouch Cove, NL, and published in MacEdward Leach And The Songs Of Atlantic Canada © 2004 Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA).

Quidi Vidi Battery Provincial Historic Site from St John's Tour Guide - originally built by the French in 1792 amidst their capture of St John's, and then taken over by the British who rebuilt it to ward off any possible attacks by Americans. Guides dressed in period costumes now provide tours of the restored site, taking vistors back to the era of 1812 where soldiers and their families can be seen as they would have lived in this isolated spot on the edge of the North Atlantic. The battery overlooks Quidi Vidi village, a small fishing village offering little shops and North America's oldest cottage. Icebergs and whales can be seen from the battery ramparts. Quidi Vidi Lake, home to the Royal St John's Regatta, is nearby. The battery is just five minutes from Signal Hill.

Bannerman Park from St John's Downtown Development Commission, Local Attractions - victorian-style urban park located in St John's. The park was officially opened in 1891 by Sir Alexander Bannerman, Governor of the Colony of Newfoundland from 1857 to 1864, who donated the land to create the park. Today, Bannerman Park is surrounded by historic buildings and Victorian bed and breakfasts. It contains a public swimming pool, playground, a baseball diamond and many large open grassy areas. The park plays host to many festivals and sporting events, most notably the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival.


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