The Phantom Ship (Joe West)
See also: Tales Of The Phantom Ship
(Lennie Gallant)

The sea has lots of mysteries
that lie within her realm,
Many a captain has seen them
while standing at the helm;
The sea is such an eerie place
just before a storm,
Many a soul has been lost,
if only they'd been warned.

The story that I'm about to tell
is true as truth can be,
About that ghostly ship out there
and all the misery;
For some odd reason it's mostly seen
just before a squall,
It lurks out there in torment,
and many have seen her call.

"She'll run shivers up ye spine,"
that's what the old folks say,
With all the fire and carrying on,
it makes you want to pray;
I met a man who saw her twice,
both times just off Belledune,
He tells of burning cinders,
smoke rising to the moon.

The flames, the flames, they're horrible,
people jumping overboard,
Tormented souls, their clothes on fire,
he never understood;
Then suddenly she'd disappear
as quickly as she came,
News traveled in the Maritimes,
the phantom ship gained fame.

Some scoffed (they're telling lies)
and others swore an oath,
She's a mighty awesome sight to see
as she travels up the coast;
It's written how some folks are shy
to tell just how they feel,
But the ones that told me of this ship
were certain it was real.

Whether you call her the phantom ship
or the John Craig Light of old,
Or think it's just a story
with a twist each time it's told;
Don't be quick to judge her
or try to cut her short,
Maybe she was searching
for a place to call home port.

Now, this may be coincidence,
but not too long ago,
A city in New Brunswick
gave the phantom ship a home;
Bathurst said, and did declare,
"The ship with the burning mast,
Could share a piece of history
as she sailed in from the past."

They built a walk down by the sea
as if to mark the way,
Where you can stroll and reminisce,
watch the seagulls as they play;
Did they build it so that we could watch
and hope that some dark night,
The phantom ship would sail on in
and we could see the light?

Or, maybe it's already there,
its anchor dropped in sand,
All we need is to believe
and try to understand;
The phantom ship, the phantom ship,
"I thought I saw a mast,"
Bathurst, you are number one,
she has a home at last.

####.... Joe West ©2009. All rights reserved. Performing rights administered by SOCAN. ....####

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