Seaweed Joe (Joe West)

Seaweed Joe lives on the coast,
You can meet him anywhere;
He spent his life on the fishing boats,
With the seabreeze in his hair.

Tossed about by the downeast waves,
He's set many a sail;
And the fishermen up and down the coast,
Have listened to his tales.

It seems there was a stormy night,
As fierce as it could be;
People had moved inland,
To escape the raging sea.

The story tells of panic
As the signals came ashore;
The captain's voice said,
Waves of forty feet or more.

The ship was taking water,
No lighthouse was in sight;
There's nothing worse than being lost
At sea on a stormy night.

The captain's voice broke silence,
As he told of something worse;
The reason for his mission,
A woman in pains of birth.

No one knows what happened to
The captain and the crew,
That awful night in August
As the cold northeaster blew.

The sun rose off of Fishing Point,
Something strange was there indeed;
At first they thought a mermaid got
Tangled in the weed.

But as they got closer,
They heard a baby cry;
They pulled him from his mother's arms
And brushed the seaweed from his side.

Seaweed Joe's a legend
And will be forever more;
Although no one will ever know
How he got from ship to shore.

Old seaweed Joe,
Born in a rocky land,
His mother's death gave him life,
Somewhere in Newfoundland.

####.... Joe West (Banks Of Newfoundland, trk#10, ©2005 Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####

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