The Sealers Gained The Strike (Johnny Burke)

Attention all ye fishermen
and read this ballad down,
And hear about the sealers strike
the other day in town;
When full five thousand northern men
did walk the streets all day,
With cool determined faces,
struck out to get fair play.

Each steamer's crew did fall in line,
while cheers out wildly rang,
Led on by one brave Colloway,
the leader of the gang;
Free berths, it was their motto, boys,
and no man would give in,
A fight for death or glory, boys,
this victory to win.

They halted just before the bank,
when all hands fell in line,
They went inside to state their case
before A B Morine;
He got the terms to suit the men
and from the van did call,
That he secured three-fifty
and free berths for one and all.

A ringing cheer the sealers gave,
with hearts both light and gay,
And three times three they gave Morine,
the man who gained the day;
With happy hearts they fisted bags,
as lightly they did trip,
With boots and bags and baking pans,
to get on board their ships.

When soon around the northern head
they disappear from view,
Manned by a plucky, hardy race,
a bully northern crew;
And may they come with bumper trips,
it is our earnest prayer,
The boys who nobly showed the pluck
and fought to get their share.

####.... Johnny Burke of St John's, NL [1851-1930] ....####

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From John White's Collection Of Johnny Burke Songs, Edited by: William J Kirwin, Harry Cuff Publications, Ltd, St John's, NL, 1982.

Note: The sealers' strike took place from 8 March to 12 March, 1902.


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