Viking Trail (Joe West)

As soon as you have entered,
She beckons on and on;
A journey you'll not soon forget,
With beauty from beyond.

From mountains reaching to the skies,
And flowing valley streams;
A tiny village here and there,
It's endless so it seems.

It's called the masterpiece,
That God carved out alone;
To many Newfoundlanders,
They're proud it is their home.

Icebergs drifting southward,
The seagulls how they fly;
The cliffs along the shoreline,
Stand proud, and, oh, so high.

Through the hills and along the shores,
The asphalt ribbon winds;
Where dog teams once could only go,
Is open to mankind.

The grandest place to travel,
It's an awesome place, I know,
As you walk the shores and listen,
To humpbacks as they blow.

So come and visit Newfoundland,
I'm sure that you'll agree,
With endless beauty everywhere,
The best in life is free.

The Vikings had the spirit,
Back when they set sail;
You can catch that spirit, too,
It's on the Viking Trail.

####.... Joe West ....####

Recorded by Joe West (Banks Of Newfoundland, trk#5, ©2005. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved).

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