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It was in the month of June,
Upon a Saturday afternoon,
When me wife she called out to me without warnin';
She said, "Pat Quinlan he just phoned ya,
Lookin' fer the twine he loaned ya,
Go haul your capelin trap tomorrow morning."

So, 'twas take her off the collars,
For to make some extra dollars,
I'm sure all hands agree that that's quite charmin';
So with twine and rope and bracin',
We will catch the spawny capelin,
To feed the Japanese on Sunday morning.

'Twas Loyola, Bren and Larry,
Ern and Mose and Tom and Gary,
All us rushin' in the bight, no time for yarnin';
There was Skipper Billy Pryor,
Scravelin' like a man afire,
Just to be the first one in on Sunday morning.

'Twas Cliff and Robert Barter,
'Twas unmoor her then to start her,
Then go in around Blundons Point and head her northern,
For the trap that lies in Swile Cove,
And Cliff says to Bob, "Now, by jove,
We'll put capelin to the ringbolt Sunday morning."

'Twas Fabian and Ronnie,
Edmund Noonan, brother Tommy,
All hands dippin' in the capelin, boys, they're swarmin';
Then Sim Lockyer turns to John and says,
"Boy, most of them are spawny,
We'll get twenty cents a pound on Sunday morning."

Now we all thought we'd have less work,
Till we brought them to the Brestwork,
Then Ambrose culled them out with all his learnin';
He says, "With undersize and redfeed,
B'ys, they're full of stuff we don't need,
You'll get two cents a pound on Sunday morning.

So, don't make it a habit,
To go fishin' on the Sabbat',
'Cause the Man above will take ya without warnin';
And when you are six feet under,
It's too late to know you blundered,
You should have gone to Mass on Sunday morning.
Yes, you should have gone to Mass on Sunday morning.

####.... Brian Walsh, Bay de Verde, NL ....####
Written in the early 1990s for a community firemen's concert, using the names of real community members from Bay de Verde, NL.

This variant arranged and recorded as Capelin On A Sunday by Shanneyganock (Volume VII, trk#10, 2009, Independent).

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From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Capelin (Caplin) - small, iridescent deep-water fish (Mallotus villosus) like a smelt which, followed by the cod, appears inshore during June and July to spawn along the beaches, and is netted for bait, for manuring the fields, or dried, salted, smoked, or frozen for eating.
Collar - anchor, chain and rope attached by means of a loop or bight to a buoy and to bow of boat and used to moor the craft in a harbour.
Redfeed - condition of caplin when feeding on plankton in or near the harvesting season, leaving them with a reddish coloration not good for the Japanese market.
Scravel - to crawl, scramble, move hurriedly; to hurry in a task.
Spawny - with spawn; usually of a female lobster with spawn, called a berried hen.

From Global Security's Military Glossary:
Ringbolt - eyebolt fitted with a ring for added articulation or movement.


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