Grief Is A Knot (Folk Music Of South East Bight)

Grief is a knot that is hard to untie,
Love is a thing that no money can buy,
Sorrow and trouble and the breaking of my heart,
So let me tell you, dear comrade, it's hard for to part.

I haven't no father, no mother, no home,
No one for to love me, I'm one all alone;
I had but one brother and a sailor was he,
And tonight he lies slumbering into the deep sea.

But the worst of my troubles are yet for to come,
For the one I love dearly where can he be gone?
He's gone from me now, leaving me all alone,
With no one for to love me, no friends or no home.

This young man was sent for, and quickly he came,
He knocked on the door, and she answered, "Come in."
He bent down to kiss her, but turning her head,
"It's too often you've kissed me," the dying girl said.

"Are you dying in love? Are you dying in pain?
Can I do anything for you?" the young man exclaimed.
"Can I do anything for you, as you're all alone,
With no one for to love you, no friends or no home?"

"Yes, Mary darling, it's true what you say,
For I'll take the baby when you pass away,
For you say it is mine, and I cannot deny."
"Oh, don't you be so deceitful as you were to I."

The day of Mary's funeral was a sad one for sight,
To see the babe on her bosom, in long rows of white;
For she died that morning and the babe died that night,
And now they both slumber in silence so white.

####.... Author unknown. Original Newfoundland song from Folk Music Of South East Bight ....####
A 15 verse variant was collected from Mrs Freeman Bennett [1908-2006] of St Paul's, NL, by Kenneth Peacock and published in Songs Of The Newfoundland Outports , Vol 3, pp.673-674, by the National Museum of Canada (1965) Crown Copyrights Reserved.


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