The Heritage (Michael T Wall)

When I was a small boy my father I'd ask,
Who were the brave men to have first cast their nets?
A wink of the eye and a tilt of the glass,
These tales he would tell me while storms they would pass.

Out of the sunset their longships they sailed,
Giants these men clad in armour and fur;
Hair was of flaxen and eyes like the sea,
A people unique to both you and to me.

'Twas Newfoundland soil where they first built their homes,
Though Vinland the name to them it was known;
Thundering laughter through stone walls was heard,
Dawn brought the morning and nary a word.

You see, son, these people were Vikings, I'm told,
And longed once again for their far away home;
'Twas said many times of this land far away,
Skies were of crimson and long were the days.

With hearts full of laughter their ships again launched,
Billowing sails all of colours unseen;
Decks lined with the shields of their history did say,
Drinking goblets of mead to show them the way.

And now, my small son, since the storm has long passed,
As are the days when the Vikings once sailed;
We'll leave to our dreams all of history untold,
Tales of delight to both young and old.

Singing Praise to Valhalla,
Praise to Valhalla,
A place where all men must go;
Praise to Valhalla,
Pray that your north winds will blow.

####.... Cyril Rawson of Newcastle-On-Tyne, England, and Peterborough, Ontario ....####
Recorded by Michael T Wall (500 Years Ago, trk#2, 1997, Cabot Records - Special John Cabot Souvenir Edition, 1497-1997); and (The Singing Newfoundlander, trk#2; 1973, Banff-Rodeo Records, produced by CAPON, Montreal, Quebec).

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