I Is A Newfoundlander (The Arrogant Worms) videos
#737: YouTube video by kevinlikebass
©2008 ~ Used with permission ~

Hey! I'm not on pogey,
And I'm not married to my sister;
I don't eat cod fish tree times a day,
Well dat's cuz dere ain't no more cod fish left.

I don't own a boat or a sou'wester,
But I can see a boat from me window;
I don't drink screech,
At least not before noon on a weekday anyways.

I don't know Gordon Pincent, or Mary Walsh,
Or Jimmy Flynn, or Rick Mercer;
But I watch Dis Hour Has 22 Minutes every week, eh?

I got a premier named Brian Tobin,
He went to war against Spain
over somin' called a turbot;
Ain't sure what a turbot is ackshly,
but I'm damned if I'm gonna let
Any guy from Spain come
and take 'em away from me.

I ain't the b'y that builds da boats,
and I ain't de b'y that sails em,
But like I said before,
I can see a boat from ma window, eh?
I don't dance a jig
everytime I hear Celtic music,
But I'll do dat Karaoke thing
if I got enough Black Forest beers in me.

I'm still pissed off at Prince Edward Island,
for buildin' dat dere bridge,
And not buildin' one out to the rock,
them stupid spud heads;
And even though he ain't really a Newfie,
I think Stompin' Tom Connors
should run for Prime Minister.

Newfoundland is the oldest settlement
in Nort' America,
And the youngest province in Confederation;
Oh, my grandfudder's still pissed off
about dat one,
You don't even wanna talk
about Joey Smallwood to grampa.

And even though I lives
in Fort McMurray,
Lord tunderin' Jeshus,
I still tinks that Newfoundland,
Is the best darn province in the country.
My name is Buddy, and I is a Newfoundlander.

####.... The Arrogant Worms ....####
Parody of the I Am Canadian television commercials aired in early 2000 (see below), advertising the Canadian brand of Molson beer in Canada, lampooning Newfoundlanders, and delivered in Newfoundland English.

From Wiktionary:
Pogey - (Canada, slang) government financial assistance, particularly unemployment insurance.

From Princeton University's WordNet:
Sou'wester - waterproof hat with wide slanting brim longer in back than in front.

From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Screech - popular name for a variety of cheap, dark Demerara rum bottled in Newfoundland; trade-name of a type of rum marketed with the label Screech.
Turbot - flat fish with eyes on one side, especially Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides).

The video below fetures the original I Am Canadian Molson Beer commercial.

#2371: YouTube video by vinko
©2006 Used with permission ~


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