The Knight And The Labourman's Daughter (Peacock)

'Tis of a rich knight, who dreamèd a dream,
'Bout one that was beautiful featured;
No rest could he take, but some journey to make,
To England to see that fair creature.

He hunted all 'round till he came to the place,
It is many long years since he saw her;
He opened the door as she stood on the floor,
She's a silly poor labourman's daughter.

"Oh here is a ring and a guinea of gold,
And between us now let it be broken;
I will beg you'll excuse me for making so bold,
So it's give me one kiss as a token."

"A kiss, kind sir, is like a stone in a sling,
It is hard to believe all is spoken;
So here is your ring and your guinea again,
And between us now never will be broken.

"If I would consent your fond bride to be,
Your parents they would be offended,
For you to marry a girl that's so low,
When you are so highly ascended."

"No father or mother have I in this world,
No one but myself and one brother;
What business a father or mother with us,
If we can both love one another?"

Oh then she consented his fond bride to be,
And now they do live in great splendour;
A labourman's daughter got married to a knight,
May the heavens protect them together.

####.... Author unknown. Variant of a British broadside ballad, Labouring Man's Daughter, undated and by an unknown publisher, archived at the Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads, shelfmark: 2806 c.8(220) ....####
Collected by Kenneth Peacock in 1958 from Isaac Freeman Bennett [1896-1981] of St Paul's, NL, and published in Songs Of The Newfoundland Outports, Volume 2, pp.540-541, by the National Museum of Canada (1965) Crown Copyrights Reserved.


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