The Wreck Of The Lavengro
(George & Alex Hynes)

Attention all ye wreckers in Notre Dame Bay,
Your attention one moment and hear what we say.
'Twas late in November you'll all mind the night,
When a foreign goin' vessel got lost on Burnt Point.
She had loaded in Fogo with prime fish in cask,
Down in her bottom, there were salmon in tierce.

She was chartered for Naples in Italy we are told,
But most of her cargo in Seldom was sold.
She leaved Fogo Harbour that very same day,
With the wind from the west'ard she ran out the bay.
It chopped to the nor'derd and they hove her around,
And beating in Seldom they ran her aground.

The night that she ran there it did blow a storm,
As she was heading across just inside of the horn.
Just as the vessel was coming around,
'She struck on the bottom and hung up aground.
The captain and crew did man the ship's boat,
In getting to Seldom they had a hard scote.

The night was so dark and the sea it did rage,
They landed their boat up to Mose Holmes' stage.
She lay there all Sunday with the sea running high,
They started on Monday the fish very dry.
They agreed with old Stoney her cargo to salve,
Every third cask the men they could have.

'Twas on Tuesday morning the news spread around,
The men from Indian Islands did not hear a sound.
With no communication from right 'round the bay,
We lied up on Tuesday a nice civil day.
'Twas Wednesday morning we got ready to start,
Down to the wreck we arrived pretty smart.

When we got there bad news for to get,
Her hold full of water and the fish very wet.
Ambrose Payne from Fogo
in his motorboat came around,
And men from Change Islands
in schooners came down.
And when they got there
the heart it was broke,
There was men there that day
that old Stoney could choke.

The Wreck Commissioner was Stoney
for you all know him well,
If you had been there you'd say it was hell.
Drunk as a fool and in a wonderful tear,
If you didn't please him, he'd rant and he'd swear.
One man in particular I'll mention in my song,
He went after Stoney because things were wrong.

Stoney came forward I thought 'twas a sin,
Haul out that old boat and let Pomeroy hove in.
Part of her cargo was salmon I'm told,
We couldn't get at it, 'twas under her hold.
We got up one cask just before dark,
Old Stoney told us 'twas going to New York.

'Twas on a Sunday morning the Fogota came in,
To work on Sunday we thought 'twas a sin.
But the fish must be taken the same we are told,
We started at once to fill up her hold.
We worked all that night until dawn the next day,
We loaded the Fogota and sent her away.

We then loaded our boats already to start,
But the wind from the west'ard it blew until dark.
And as for our crew, I will now tell their names,
Walter Collins, our skipper, a very fine man.
Mark Vincent, our driver a queer funny coon.
There's George Hynes and Alex,
and they're just in their bloom.

There's old Skipper Jonathan, a very old man,
There's Arthur John Frampton, Bill Frampton's son.
A livelier crew, I'm sure you won't find,
The next time there's wrecking they won't be behind.
Now we'll go home our winter to spend,
Hope all the vessels keep clear of the land.

For we're tired of wrecking this time of the year,
But out of that wreck we all got our share.
Now to conclude and finish this song,
I hope we've said nothing that you will say wrong.
The year has advanced and Christmas is nigh,
By and by in the spring, the fish may be high.

####.... Transcribed from an original poem by George and Alex Hynes who were about 19 years old in 1915 when the Lavengro was lost on Burnt Point Seldom on Fogo Island's Southern Shore. Published in Tales Of Fogo Island. compiled and edited by Della Coish, Fogo Island Literacy Association ©1999 ....####

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From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Stage - elevated platform on the shore with working tables, sheds, etc, where fish are landed and processed for salting and drying, and fishing gear and supplies are stored; fishing stage.
Tierce - old measure of capacity; also a cask. In the fish-trade, a wooden container of designated size for the export of fish.


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