Lovely Nancy (Tommy Nemec)

See also: Lovely Nancy (Kenneth Peacock)

Come all ye young men of rambling fancy,
Come listen to my sad mournful song;
I suffered more than it was my duty,
Oh, I suffered more than a mortal man.

For a widow's daughter and her name was Nancy,
And she could dress in her silks so fine;
I own for her I had the greatest fancy,
That ever I had for a female kind.

Until she learned from those scornful maidens,
To slight her true love as others do;
And the more I lost lovely Nancy's favour,
The more I lost her fond parents, too.

As I was passing by her bedroom window,
I preffered her with a wedding ring;
But she laughed at me and refused my offer,
Saying, I never thought on so mean a thing.

Begone, you proud and you prattling fellow,
You begone, she said, and don't trouble me;
For you may go home and wear that green willow,
For it's my fond true love you ne'er will be.

I went straight way then to her old mother,
And it's my sad case unto her made known;
But she served me worse than her cruel daughter,
For she laughed at me and bid me go home.

It is now she's married to the Duke of Derry,
A flashing blade who lives in this town;
But I am told that he disregards her,
Her lofty courage he will soon pull down.

As I was passing by her parlour window,
'Twas to her servants I heard her say:
It is now my husband he disregards me,
And he follows bad works by night and day.

As I was driving through the streets of Derry,
I met this fair one along the way;
And this poor girl in a low condition,
And I myself in a striving way.

She wrung her hands and she fell a-weeping,
And 'twas these few words unto me did say:
Once I had your fond heart a-keeping,
But now I find it's the other way.

Oh, Nancy, Nancy, don't you remember.
All the vows and promises you made to me?
Now you may go home and wear that green willow,
For it's my fond true love you ne'er will be.

Come all ye young men that are going courting,
Don't ever throw your first love away:
For it's many a dark and a cloudy morning,
Turns out to be a bright sunny day.

####.... Author unknown ....####
Recorded by Tommy Nemec singing acapella the songs he heard sung by his grandfather, John P Myrick [1900-1984] with Thomas (Tom) Finlay [1885-?] at house parties in St Shotts and on Cape Pine , NL (Songs From The Cape, trk#2, 2003, Backcove Music, St John's, NL, recorded at the Cape Pine Lightstation).

A shorter variant was collected by Kenneth Peacock in 1959 from Mrs Wallace Kinslow of Isle aux Morts, NL, by Kenneth Peacock and published as Lovely Nancy in Songs Of The Newfoundland Outports, Volume 2, p.477, by The National Museum of Canada (1965) Crown Copyrights Reserved.


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