Christmas Rum (Kenneth Peacock)

We were born in Rose Blanche, boys,
A village you all know well,
We served a time of fourteen days
Down in old Burgeo jail.

Our parents they were in a rage
When we brought home the tale,
We said ten dollars was the fine
Or fourteen days in jail.

We leaved our home next morning,
The day seemed quite long,
When Crispen said, "You must depart
Along with Ranger Tom."

It was late up in the evening
When we arrived in jail,
The ranger he brought in some beans,
It was a femious(?) meal.

He asked us a few questions, boys,
That we did gladly tell,
He said, "My boys, what have you done
To be sent down here in jail?"

"We haven't done no crime, kind sir,
Nor are we on the bum,
We've only saved our money
And sent for our Christmas rum."

Now Monday being the first day
And work was just begun,
The ranger he said, "You boys must work
For sending after rum."

We worked from daylight until dark
And what could we do more?
When Louis and Kim they cleaned the slits
And Kerwin scrubbed the floor.

Whoever told the ranger this
He thought we'd get bad luck,
We will tell him before his face, boys,
He is nothing but a suck.

The time is coming both slow and sure
When we'll be twenty-one,
We'll go and tell that lickie
That we got our Christmas rum.

So now it is all over,
It's all been said and done,
So, boys, if you want to have a good time
Just send for a bottle of rum.

####.... Anonymous. Original Newfoundland ballad (1960) ....####
Collected by Kenneth Peacock in 1960 from Mrs Martha (Currie) Osmond [1920-1983] of Grand Bay, NL, and published in Songs Of The Newfoundland Outports, Volume 3, pp.869-870, by the National Museum of Canada (1965) Crown Copyrights Reserved.

Kenneth Peacock noted that he thought it might be revealing to include one example of a recent song (1960) that is typical of the scores one hears composed by once-in-a-lifetime 'amateurs'. Christmas Rum was composed by two teenagers in Rose Blanche who wished their names withheld.

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