Comin' To You (Ada Piercey-Jenkins)

Speedin' along in the fast lane,
Breakin' all limits
To get to you, to get to you;
Nobody slow me down,
I'm leavin' this lonely town,
So get ready cuz I'm comin' to you;
Got my bags packed
In the back seat of my Honda,
There'll be no turnin' back,
Cuz' ya' know I'm kinda fond o' you.

I'm gettin a little bit closer,
Anticipation is
Buildin' in me, buildin' in me;
Been drivin' all day and night,
Now I can see city lights,
So get ready cuz' I'm comin' to you;
Just a few more miles
On the God forsaken highway,
I long to see your smile,
And to feel your arms around me.

I knew right from the start
That we were meant to be,
It took some time apart
For us to finally see,
There'll never be another one
For you or me;
So light the candles, baby,
And keep a watch for me,
Cuz' I'm comin' to you.

####.... Ada Piercey-Jenkins of Twillingate, NL. Ada Blue ©2004. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved. Used with permission from Little Known Artist's Studios, Lewisporte, NL ....####

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