Me And My Friend (Ada Piercey-Jenkins)

Just barely seventeen, giggling through our secrets,
Sharing hopes and dreams of a future yet to be;
Eating watermelon slices, running through the rain,
What we'd give to live those days again,
Me and my friend.

Cruisin' 'round the town in all our grace and glory,
And if we were feelin' down, we'd share a joke or two;
Playin' pool till midnight at the hangout by the school,
We thought we were the coolest of the cool,
Me and my friend.

We nursed our broken hearts
when that certain someone failed us,
Ate cookies in the dark, watchin' Elvis on TV;
Singin' songs from dusk till dawn in perfect harmony,
We coulda' hit the charts in Tennessee,
Me and my friend.

Got tired of hangin' 'round, felt the urge to wander,
Caught a train Toronto bound, seems it was the thing to do;
City lights and 'scraper heights, an awesome sight to see,
We worked the lines in the same old factory,
Me and my friend.

But time has it's way of passing
From bobby socks to punchin' clocks;
The time has slipped away,
And now when it's time for reminiscing,
And what we'd give to live those days again,
Me and my friend.
Me and my friend.

####.... Ada Piercey-Jenkins of Twillingate, NL, ©2004 Ada Blue. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Little Known Artist's Studios, Lewisporte, NL ....####

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