Young Henry (Kenneth Peacock)

Fare you well, my dearest Henry,
since you to the sea must go
To plow the raging ocean
and face the daring foe;
Think on your poor Mary Ann
when you're on some foreign shore,
And vow there is no one but her
you ever will adore.

Go, my jolly sailor lad,
my heart will be with you,
And may kind fortune spare your life
in all danger you go through;
And do your duty manfully
and at work you guide your hand,
And turn to bless your faithful lass,
your only Mary Ann.

It was early the next morning,
just at the break of day,
When orders came on board for us,
"My boys, make sail for sea."
Our bo's'n piped, "All hands aloft,
my boys, come haste away!"
Our gallant ship her anchors tripped
went plowing out to sea.

Away to a foreign land far away
from home to steer,
Some thinking of their sweethearts,
more of their parents dear,
But each unto their pretty girls
they tossed a flowing cant,
"Well, hurrah, my boys!" young Henry cried,
"Here's to my Mary Ann."

Away out on the ocean
the sea ran mountains high,
Young Henry was the first aloft
all danger to defy;
Respected by his officers
and loved by all the crew,
Not a smarter sailor ever stepped
or wore the jacket blue.

It was his happy fortune
his captain's life to save,
When on the coast of Africa,
while struggling with the waves;
He cast himself into the deep,
about the boat was tossed,
If the boat she stayed one moment more
his life it would be lost.

We cruised about in different ports
for three long years or more,
Until orders came on board of us
to sail for England's shore;
And to that land that gave us birth
and all are held so dear,
All perils passed our ship at last
and to our port did steer.

Our ship she lies in harbour,
and all her jolly crew
Did give three cheers when parting
and each other bid adieu;
Our captain gave him fifty pounds
as he took him by the hand,
And then young Henry married
unto his Mary Ann.

####.... Author unknown. Variant of Henry The Sailor Boy [H37] collected in 1924 by Sam Henry [1870-1952] and published in Songs Of The People (1923-1939) Sam Henry Collection, pp.485-486, Belfast Public Library, 1938 ....####

This variant collected in 1952 by Kenneth Peacock from Allan Hoven [1895-1964] of Fogo, NL, and published in Songs Of The Newfoundland Outports, Vol 3, pp.899-900, by the National Museum of Canada (1965) Crown Copyrights Reserved.


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