My Newfoundland (Ada Piercey-Jenkins)

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The sun still shines on summer mornings,
Waves still break from shore to shore;
And you still hear the seagulls crying,
High above the ocean's roar.

Fields of green still shade like velvet,
Distant mountains loom in the sky;
The bitter winds of winters dawning,
Are soon forgotten when spring is nigh.

Days still come when I long to see her,
To feel the soothing ocean air,
To view once more from a sheltered harbour,
Her rustic beauty none can compare.

So take me back to the coves and inlets,
Where sons and daughters walk hand-in-hand,
Down the paths of those who walked before us,
I hear her calling, my Newfoundland.

####.... Ada Piercey-Jenkins of Twillingate, NL ....####

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Recorded by The Split Peas (My Newfoundland ©2002. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Little Known Artist's Studios, Lewisporte, NL).


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