The Rusty Old Barber (Shanneyganock) video
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A rusty old barber in London did live,
And a rusty old shave for a penny he'd give,
A rusty old razor all covered with rust,
And he always kept waiting on those he would trust.
With me down-down, me-lather-down dee.

Now it happened an Irishman passed by the way,
Who hadn't been shaved for manys a day;
He strode through the door and he said with a grin:
"Won't you give me a shave, sir, and may I come in?"
With me down-down, me-lather-down dee.

"No, no," said the barber, "I do not give trust."
"Well, fate then," said Patty, "It's this time you must,
For a devil a penny have I got to pay,
And I haven't been shaved for manys a day."
With me down-down, me-lather-down dee.

"Come in," says the barber, "Sit down on the chair,
And I'll shave off your grizzly old beard to a hair."
With the rusty old razor he then did begin,
And the tears big as praities rolled down Paddy's chin.
With me down-down, me-lather-down dee.

"Holy murder!" said Patty, "Sure, what are you doin'?"
Said Patrick, "Remember me jaw you will ruin;
I didn't come here to be shaved with a saw,
Be the Hokey, old beard that comes out of me jaw,"
With me down-down, me-lather-down dee.

"Now, I'll always remember till I go to me grave,
The hour of my death, the old rusty shave;
You may talk about razors and shavin' on six,
But for my part I'd rather be shaved with a brick."
With me down-down, me-lather-down dee.

####.... Author unknown. Variant of The Irishman And Barber to the air of Derry Down published in The Irish Comic Vocalist's Companion; a Complete Collection of All the Humorous and Mirth-inspiring Songs of Ireland, published by George Cameron, 67 Virginia-Street, Glasgow, pp48-49, 1854 ....####
This variant was recorded by Shanneyganock on their debut album (The Long Haul, trk#15, 1998 CD, First City Productions/Soundworks, St John's, NL).

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A variant was sung by Lars Pitcher of Merasheen, NL, and published for the 1980 Merasheen Reunion in Placentia Bay, NL, by Loyola Pomroy and William (Bill) Wilson Jr [1931-1993] of Meerasheen, Placentia Bay, NL. A variant was also sung by Sylvester Whyte [1913-1986] of South East Bight, NL.


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