Makin' The Break (Pauli)

Sunny days down in the harbour
Harbour thoughts of leaving home;
Leaving all your friends behind you,
Friends you've had since you've been born.
Born of water, wind and freedom,
Freedom never had a chance;
Now you have the chance to leave,
Leave it all and now you're torn.

Well, you gotta make the break,
And the break is really hard;
So you harden up your heart,
Cause your heart is still at home.
Now your home is far away,
Far away from all you know;
And you know you can't go back,
Back to where you're really home.

Now you make a decent living,
Living in a foreign land;
Foreign language, ways and customs,
Ways they cannot understand.
Cannot fathom what you're missing,
Missing parts of heart and soul;
Haven't got the heart to go back,
Back to all that's really home.

####.... Pauli of Griquet, NL (So Blue, trk#4, 2005)....####


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