Taken Away By The Fairies (Colleen Power) video
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Seems light years ago when just three feet I stood,
My Grandmother said, "Go outside and be good;
Keep on your mitts and stay out of the woods,
Or you'll be taken away by the fairies."

She turned around, I ran fast as I could,
Off with the mitts, straight into the woods;
I ran so fast that I tripped and I fell,
Woke in the land where the fairy folk dwell.

The lump on my head was as big as a tree,
Opened my eyes to see what I could see;
I saw, I tell you, I'll never forget,
A tiny green man with a crown on his head.

He said, "Child you should listen, do as you're told,
Stay out of the woods, damp and the cold;
We are the ones who live under the trees."
And the tiny green people appeared around me.

The king raised his hand and the rest stepped aside,
He did approach, he looked straight through my eyes;
He said "You are good, love, so I'll let you go,
Just promise me now that no one will know."

I thanked the fairy for setting me free,
Pulled myself up with the branch of a tree;
Shouldn't have gone in the woods all alone,
Brushed off my clothes and I headed for home.

And I kept my secret, the years had passed,
There's a man in my bed and there's wine in my glass;
One fateful night about quarter past ten,
The king of the fairies, I saw him again.

He said, "I came here tonight for this man in your bed,
He has done nothing for you that he's said;
You kept your promise and so I have heard,
This man in your bed is not true to his word."

He said, "Tie his arms down, chain his legs up,
Heave him away far out in the gut!"
As his pitiful eyes turned away in the night,
He was taken away by the fairies.
Taken away by the fairies.
Taken away by the fairies.

####.... Colleen Power of Freshwater, Placentia Bay, NL ....####
Recorded by Colleen Power (Lucky You Are, trk#13, 2000, Independent, St John's, NL).

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