Gallows Cove Bight (Patrick Moran & Chris Andrews)

Oh, the thirteenth day of May, boys, it was a sad sight,
When Paddy set sail down in Gallows Cove Bight,
Down in Gallows Cove Bight for a barrel;
There was some looked with pity,
Some more looked with right,
On old Gallows Cove Bight for a barrel.

On the next day, being Sunday, the day for to rest,
Oh, young Matty Brien he dressed up in his best;
He's being a good churchman and he rings the bell,
And he's always, me boys, there on time,
Yes, he's always, me boys, there on time.

Early Sunday morning we went to the Cove.
Skipper Paddy said, "Boys, let you all get aboard."
Says Skipper Paddy to Matt Brien:
"Have you plenty of fuel?"
Matty Brien's a watery bear,
Matty Brien's a watery bear.

With Skillet above us, Black Jim sat below,
They were out on her cuddy for to see the show;
When Paddy rise up Big Sal,
Matty Brien on her cuddy as big as a trout;
Skipper Paddy was aft, and he gave a great shout:
"Matty Brien, are there any great sign?"

"Skipper Paddy, she's full to the corks.
Oh, thunder, me boys, there's no doubt."
Five hundred they landed in less than a month,
While the rest of the trapmen were streaming about;
When she come to Tapper's Cove
you could hear them all shout:
For Big Sal, the big glut, got them all,
For Big Sal, the big glut, got it all.

Jack Tapper and Johnny Whitty, as black as two crows,
They were up on the back, they were having a smoke;
Says Tapper to Whitty, "I'll open his eyes,
I'll go out and bring home a new hoister."
Well, Skipper Paddy saw the fit-out.
"Great Heaven," says he,
"For Baine Johnston, she's gone in the hole!
For Baine Johnston, she's gone in the hole!"

Tommy Tapper and Frank Reddy said nothing at all,
Only wait till their quintals were weighed in the fall;
Oh, they being the highliners, and I'll bet you right,
But they got it from Paddy down under Finn's Light.

For a barrel, for a barrel.
SPOKEN: Two tubs makes a barrel.

####.... Author unknown. Recorded by Patrick Moran & Chris Andrews (No Place Like Home ©2005 Avondale Music, St John's, NL) ....####

From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Cuddy - cabin at the bow or stern of a small vessel or large boat for accommodation and provisions.


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