Glad Tidings (Harrison John Bryant)
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Glad tidings good people, we are here to inform,
This morning in Bethlehem lies a baby just born,
We are told it is Jesus, from on high has come down,
To be born of a virgin, called Mary's own son.

As you lie in your chamber, as you slumber and sleep,
Just think for a moment of your Saviour so meek,
With the oxen feeding by Him,
He lies sleeping so sweet,
With Mary His mother sitting close by His feet.

You mothers that know the true love of your child,
Come sympathize with Mary, this mother so mild;
For her lot being so lowly, many mothers don't know,
What Mary endured that night in the stall.

As shepherds were out on the hills far away,
Came a company of angels from heaven that day,
Telling them to be ready, bidding them to prepare,
Glad tidings, good news, we have brought to all here.

Good people we cannot make a very long stay,
This news must go round to a large company;
Great multitudes of people are waiting to hear
This message which bids them to be of good cheer.

Dear comrades we wish you good health and much joy,
May you seek and find Jesus on this Christmas day;
He has brought down salvation, he has offered it free,
That we may gain heaven on the great judgement day.

Now our carol is ended, we must bid you adieu,
With this news and glad tidings
we have brought here to you;
When our labour is ended, may we all have to say,
That we found our dear Saviour on this Christmas Day.

####.... Written in 1912 by Harrison John Bryant [1881-1946] of Cavendish, Trinity Bay, NL, where it is sung every Christmas in both the Anglican and United Churches ....####

Published in the book Comfort And Joy - Christmas Songs Of Newfoundland And Labrador, edited and arranged by Eric West, ©2002 Vinland Music.

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