Handjive (Rankin Street)

Well, I know a cat named Way-Out Willy,
Got a groovy little chick named Rockin' Lily;
Well, a-rockin' and a-rollin' with Suzy Q,
Doing that crazy old handjive, too.

Mama, mama look at Uncle Joe,
He be doing the handjive with sister Flo;
And Grandma gave my lil' sister a dime,
Just to do that handjive one more time;
Handjive, handjive, handjive,
Do that crazy handjive.

Well, a doctor and a lawyer and an Indian chief,
Well, they all dig that crazy beat;
And Way-Out Willy gave them all a treat,
When he do that handjive with his feet;
Handjive, handjive, handjive,
Do that crazy handjive.

Well, Willy and Lily got married last fall,
Had little Willy Junior, but that ain't all;
The kid got famous in the crib you see,
When he did that handjive on MTV;
Handjive, handjive, handjive
Do that crazy handjive.

####.... Variant of Willie And The Hand Jive (1960) by Cliff Richard (Sir Harold Webb, b.1940) ....####
This variant arranged and recorded by Rankin Street (Pre-GBS tape - Live At The Blarneystone Pub in St John's, NL, trk#22, 1991, NRA Productions, Ltd).

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