Margaret Mary O'Brien (Gus Burton & Kevin Bond)

Margaret Mary O'Brien who lived in Torbay,
In the year '22, she sailed far away;
To work for the family of one Mr Bates,
She went to Detroit in the United States.

She left her parents and six sisters dear,
And her two brothers there on Harvey's Pier;
As they held their daughter and kissed her good-bye,
Was the last time they'd ever see the face of their child.

For six years after, often she'd write,
And tell her parents of beautiful sights;
She would write in her letters of the news of the day,
But oh, how she missed her home in Torbay.

Then one day the letters they ceased to arrive,
And her poor parents they feared for their child;
After many months of writing and many restless nights,
They sent off a letter to the police in Detroit.

After many years of searching and the passing of time,
Not a trace did they find of Margaret Mary O'Brien;
Now her father and mother have gone to their grave,
Not knowing what became of their child who went away.

But two of her sisters survive to this day,
And likewise one brother who waits in Torbay;
And the love for their sister in their hearts it still burns,
As they hope and they pray for Margaret Mary's return.

It's been sixty-five years since she left her home,
And the fate of this poor girl may never be known;
And so ends this story with truth in every line,
A sad but true story of Margaret Mary O'Brien.

####.... Augustus (Gus) Burton [1922-2009] of Pacquet and Grand Falls-Windsor, NL, and Kevin Bond of Torbay, NL, 1987 ....####


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