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This old man, he's got one
Johnson motor on the bum;
Nick tells Pat, "Give thing a wack,
This old thing won't get us home."
This old man, he's got two,
His spare motor is Evinrude;
Nick says Pat, "Give the cord a pull."
And the motor joints just come unglued.

Well, this old man haven't got three
Clues about trouble mechanically;
Nick says Pat, "He should get him sparked."
"Don't go," says Nick, "can't see in the dark."
This old man, he got four,
He got two motors and he got two oars;
Nick says Pat, "Get out your oar locks."
But Nick finds out that they got them lost.

Well, this old man, he's got five,
Five old flares but ne'er one lights;
Nick says Pat, "Replace them when you should,
And you won't wind up with your flares no good."
This old man, he saved six
Waterproof matches for when he's in the fix;
Nick says Pat, "Strike up a light,
'Tis not that bright in the middle of the night."

Well, this old man, he had seven
Inches of hose where he needs eleven;
Nick says Pat, "Here's what's wrong,
The hose is chopped, all gas is gone."
This old man, he had eight
Gallons of gas but it all escaped;
Nick says Pat, "Here's what's wrong,
Your hose is chopped, all your gas is gone."

Well, this old man, don't have nine
Lives because he's not feline;
When Nick told Pat to strike up a light,
Nick and Pat was blown out of sight.
One old man he went ten
Miles and landed home again;
But where is Pat? He's on the other shore,
He won't get home with his Johnson outboard.

####.... Parody of a traditional children's counting song by Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers ....####
Recorded by Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers (Nods 'N' Winks, trk#12, 1988, Third Wave Productions, Gander, NL).

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