Rollin' In (Pauli)

You're rollin' in, you're rollin' in,
You're rollin' in to me;
Oh, every night by the pale moonlight,
You're rollin' in to me.

I'd rather be in the cold grey sea,
Swimming wild and free;
But I'm on the beach, just out of reach,
And you're rollin' in to me.

Just like the capelin swimming in,
There's one on every side;
But you don't know that it's all for show,
And they go out with the tide.

The ebb and tide is a grand old ride,
Don't even have to try;
Just ride the wave and pretend you're brave,
Then it leaves you high and dry.

You're slick and cool but I'm no fool,
I know your silver side;
You flap around and you wear me down,
Until you're satisfied.

Just like they say when you go away,
There's lots of fish in the sea;
But every June by the bright new moon,
You're rollin' back to me.

####.... Pauli of Griquet, NL (So Blue, trk#9, 2005) ....####
From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Capelin (Caplin) - small, iridescent deep-water fish (Mallotus villosus) like a smelt which, followed by the cod, appears inshore during June and July to spawn along the beaches, and is netted for bait, for manuring the fields, or dried, salted, smoked, or frozen for eating.


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