Signal Hill Waltz (Pauli)

And every night up on Signal Hill
We danced with the wind and the sea and the sky;
The city below and the light in his eye
I kissed my love up on Signal Hill,
As we danced with the wind and the sea.

In seventy-eight we were young and in love,
We thought that time would always be there;
We laughed and we played like the children we were,
And promised we'd always be true.

Now twenty-five years has gone by so fast,
We're no longer here but hearts still the same;
Our children have grown but somehow not us,
We're still in love and we're home.

I know there are years and tears still to come.
Some day when time and place are no more,
We'll still be in love and we'll laugh and we'll play
In our favourite place on the shore.

####.... Pauli of Griquet, NL (So Blue, trk#6, 2005)....####

Signal Hill is one of Newfoundland's best known landmarks. Rising above the entrance to St John's Harbour, it was a natural site for a signal station and fortifications to protect both the harbour and the city.


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