Our Station (Rankin Street)

Meet me tonight and
I'll buy the first round,
I know a little place that
you might not have found;
It looks down on the city
from the underground,
This is our station
in the heart of town.

Leave the weather at the door,
leave the rush out on the street,
Let down your jewels,
take the weight off your tired feet;
Draw up a chair,
strike up a little craic,
If you've had a lousy day,
take the monkey off your back.

Everyone's dressed for volume,
everything's turned up loud,
Its a designer's nightmare
standing out in this crowd;
With leathers mixed with tweed,
pinstripe with polka dot,
It makes no difference
in this melting pot.

Talking business in the corner,
politics at the door,
While the boy brings the house down
with his acoustic guitar;
Going crazy on the dance floor,
she don't need no help,
She's just getting on
with being herself.

Say hello, old timer,
you're looking old against the new,
Your sign is still glowing
and the pain is showing through;
You're trapped there in the corner,
all alone you've watched them grow,
But as long as you're still standing,
I know where I can go,
I can go, I can go, I can go.

####.... John Mann / Geoff Kelly / J Knutson of Spirit Of The West (Tripping Up The Stairs, 1986) ....####

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This variant was recorded by Rankin Street (Pre-GBS tape - Live At The Blarneystone Pub in St John's, NL, trk#8, 1991, NRA Productions, Ltd).

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