The Hillsides Of Torbay (P Moran & C Andrews)

Oh, tonight a teardrop fills my eye
when I recall my home,
So many years have passed away
since I first crossed the foam
To seek and serve my fortune there,
and I still regret the day
That I bid my loving friends good-bye
on the hillsides of Torbay.

My boyhood days were happy there,
our friends were young and free,
We roamed up over Manning's Hill,
and we gazed upon the scene;
As evening shadows slowly fell,
homeward we would go
To join our Mom in evening prayer
on the hillsides of Torbay.

From Quarry Lane to Gallows Cove,
that's where I long to be,
I'd like to see that little school
where as I child I played;
And to see our priest and holy nuns
that saved my childhood days,
And all my life I'm grateful for
that convent in Torbay.

Oh, now I'm grey and growing old,
my hair is turning grey,
Those lovely thoughts of childhood,
they will haunt me night and day;
And before tonight I go to sleep,
to the Lord above I'll pray,
Just to take me home across the foam
to the hillsides of Torbay.

####.... Pat Casey [1934-2005] of Torbay, NL ....####

Recorded by Patrick Moran and Chris Andrews (No Place Like Home, trk#3, 2005, Avondale Music, St John's, NL)


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