Dirty Old Torbaymen
(Localized verses of Mussels In The Corner)

See also: Mussels In The Corner

Torbay b'ys gone in the woods,
And I'm sure that they are rinin',
Gunny sacks upon their backs,
And their grub bags streeled behind 'em.

Down the street as thick as flies,
Dirty necks and dirty ties,
Dirty rings around their eyes,
Dirty old Torbaymen.

Ask a bayman for a smoke,
He will say his pipe is broke;
Ask a bayman for a chew,
He'll bite it off, give it to you,
'Cause he's afraid that you'll take two,
Dirty old Torbaymen.

####.... Author unknown. Localized verses from an original Newfoundland song, Mussels In The Corner ....####

From The Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Streel - to drag along the ground; to trail or hang untidily.
Rining - action of stripping the bark from standing spruce or fir trees for use in the fisheries and in building.


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